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Have you ever seen a farm floating in the middle of a lake? Waved to a family of four sharing a small motorbike on a highway? Joined a wedding procession in medieval dress inside a castle? Sped into a train tunnel past a blizzard and come out into a spring garden?

Welcome! I'm an American woman who's been traveling since she was two, and those are a few of my adventures. One major thing I've learned is how to grow the charm and memories of each holiday just by picking the right place to sleep. Here's more about me and what's behind this site.

Betty Cake Bed and Breakfast Malta

My top tips

After more than 50 countries, you learn how to make global travel a lot more easy and comfortable! The first thing I do: find special places to stay. Read here to find out what boutique hotels and B&Bs are like, and why they're better.

Check here for my other top travel tips. Airline safety and secret airfare hacks. Quick tips on how to shop abroad when you have to haggle.

Feel like shopping, or making your own travel kit? Check out my must-have travel gear, proven on six continents. 

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What makes a country one of my favorites can be a big surprise, even to me. Like feeling unexpectedly at home in remote rural Burma / Myanmar, by Thailand.  Or my full-on love affairs with Rome and Istanbul, even though massive cities aren't my thing. And how Norway charmed me in freezing winter weather, even though I'm not a fan of cold climates.

In each place, a memorable hotel or B&B made such a difference. I'll always let you know about my hosts.

I'm always discovering more amazing destinations—some famous, some you've never heard of, all safe for travelers. 

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Upcoming escapes

Oman: Dubai's quiet desert neighbor

Just a couple hours drive from famous, modern Dubai is an unassuming desert country that boasts 100,000 years of human history.

Exploring the East German countryside

I'm heading to the land of castles and Lederhosen in August for a real German wedding—medieval style!